Adventure-based learning

The world’s first location-based learning platform designed for experiential education

AmirabiliaHow it works

Delivered as a mobile application for students and a cloud-based Dashboard for educators, Amirabilia can be easily incorporated into study materials as a stand-alone product or integrated with your LMS.

Students learn by completing on-location activities and challenges that require them to study their surroundings and interact with objects.


Location-based learning

Learning content is geo-tagged and unlocked when the student visits the area.

Activities and challenges

Activities are at the core of the application and are designed to make a connection between the student and the environment.


The student’s own personal record of the places they have visited and what they have seen and done.


Provides the educator with an interface to build and manage course content, set activities and also monitor student’s progress.


Triggered only when standing at the right location, they are voices from the past, present and future.

Mini quiz

Multiple choice quiz activated on location encourages the student to look around their surroundings for the answers.

Treasure hunt

The student is given a challenge to find something in the area or follow clues.

Augmented Reality

Hidden AR content can be unlocked on location and provide an augmented view of characters, buildings, objects or other 3D content.

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